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Our mission is to help Muslims achieve life of fulfilment and barakah, without compromises on their faith and religious ethics or any risks of spiritual confusion so they can translate their life style into Ibadah and experience Sakina and comfort of life for the sake of their Akhera.

What makes us different

We focus on solutions that not only are clinically proven to be successful but for most are established in Islamic Psychology and heritage of healing, are applicable to modern level of Muslim consciousness and adjusted to current challenges we all face at the level of mental - spiritual - physical health (Afiya). We make sure that our our clients become successful (Falah) in their attempt to heal from past traumas, anxieties, depression and support them in reestablishing their relationships with loved ones, them selves and their Creator as fast as possible.

We not only base our approach on health psychology proven theories but for most Islamic Quran and Sunnah approach to self development, therefore we guarantee authentic , accurate, honest, sincere and fast psycho-somatic education. We tell you what you need to hear and we model for you healthy relationships strategies, make sure you transform your approach to self-care and self-responsibility (Amanah) and receive enough support in motivating you for Khair ( eternal success).

Custom 1:1 plans

At some point you will realise that self searching , following inspirational speakers or even 1:1 sessions are not enough, and that in order for you to achieve your own version of life (on your terms) you are willing to invest in self development based on Ilm - sound knowledge and experience but also Shura - collective coaching support. Then , and only then reach out to us inshallah!

Group Coaching

Individual approach to your health (Afiaya) concerns aims at raising your Ilm -knowledge and self awareness in maintaining balanced mental health hygiene. Our plans will give you more than freedom from disease – labeling mind traps. as you will be seen and recognised for your true essence (Fitrah) and supported as a wholesome being - not summary of symptoms and issues to be fixed. Marhaba to you if you ready for self discovery (Nafsijat)!


Group retreats are an experience going way beyond self accountability (Amanah), motivating and guiding (Nasiha).

Think about it as a holistic and on a spot self conversion into a Sakina cantered version of you, who is freely giving you a daily permission to use your Inner-Wisdom (Ruh) to heal you from within and to reintroduce balance (Mizan) into your life. Your Epic Journey starts right here!

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Mother & Psychology Student


Doula & NLP practitioner




Helping self developing Muslims to achieve the right balance - Mizan in their life for the sake of Akhera is what we specialise in. To accomplish this mission, we offer Islamic education and free Sadaka Jariya resources on You Tube channel and Instagram or Facebook live podcasts!

Meet Ayishah

Msc Psychology, Lic Homeopathy, Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy, Cert Naturopathy

Ayishah decided to work with Muslim based on her own passion for Islamic Healing knowledge and deep empathy (Rahma) to all souls searching for Tawheedic connections with their own understanding of pain (Ibtila) and sings (Ayats) in their life.

As a revert woman into Islam she shares familiar experiences with the rest of ummah and strongly values her diversity, religious and spiritual identity as well as holistic approach in family and professional life.

Assessment Session

60 Mins
You can now book assessment and no obligatory consultation with AJ , where you will be asked few questions about your health related issues. Your 1st assessment session will last 60 minutes and allow us to craft a healing plan for you based on your individual therapeutic needs and psycho-somatic history. This call will enable you and AJ to decide whether you are a 'good match' and if not , you will be signposted to another trusted service. Please keep you camera and video on and ensure you are in safe and confidential space. Keep your audio and video turned on inshallah and AJ will see you there.

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Dentistry Specialist


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Coach and Counsellor

Read you Way to Healing

If you believe that Islamic Psychology has a potential to transform your live in Dunya and Akhera this position might be just what you need.

Islamically Inspired Self Development explains how to therapeutically nourish the spiritual and religious needs of any Muslim. This book is written from the perspective of an ordinary experiences of life and re-evaluates definition of such important aspect as

Sabr, Hamd, Sins, God's punishment, Waswas and many more. The content of this book had brought relief to many Muslims hearts and shifted many paradigms of mental health. It draws many parallels between Islamic self mastery practices such as

Taskiya, Tarabiya, Taffakur, Tawbah and modern trends in mainstream psychology.

This book speaks about self-development from the perspective of holistic understanding of human nature as instructed in Quran and Sunnah.

Let Ilm Heal You

Throughout the process of exploration of the self (Nafsijat) you will surely become more comfortable with who you are, and become more accepting of own past, flaws and drawbacks. Journey of self awareness in effect should bring you calmness (Sakina) and autonomy in various facets of your life. The self-consciousness can be described as a form intelligence, that enables us to explore world differently.

Never miss a chance to increase knowledge and apply it for the benefits of your Taskiya - spiritual purification of your heart (Qalb) and enactment of your indentions -Niya with our blog.

Finding a work balance

Sadaka Jarija is part of every successful business and we believe that Falah should be build with Akhera in mind. . At AJS Therapy we put sincerity and quality of service before profit and offer to you free education and therapeutic support through social media content. It will give us a favour if you connect with us on social media and learn from our podcasts, interviews with Muslim therapists and engage in conversations on social media platforms.

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Why People Recommend Us

I highly recommend Aishah. She surprised me every week with her numerous strategies and she gave me just what I needed. She understood me well in such a short time and knew what I needed to hear. I was very confused as I had suffered a lot of traumas during my life and had never made sense of them. Aishah pointed out things that were hard to hear, but I knew were accurate. She is very professional and honest and now I am on the road of recovery. After only 6 sessions I feel that she has empowered me with the tools that I need to improve on myself, realising the purpose of the traumas, seeing the blessings within them and letting go. I now know what I need to do to become a better person. She recommended books that have been invaluable too. May Allah reward her abundantly Ameen.

Andrea Longley

Bismallah the most compassionate the most Merciful God… Working with Ayeisha was actually an answer for years of prayers and Subhan Allah it strengthens my faith about answering our Duaa in terms of how , when , where …etc.

But , I wish I have known her Ages ago. Being a councelling customer for nearly an year with Ayeisha now and seeing the dramatic changes of my mental , emotional and spiritual wellbeing the time arrived to deal with my physical health issues as they are all strongly connected… Subhan Allah being a doctor myself I couldn’t achieve healing and all of my career was about fixing disease and controlling the chronic illnesses and never aims for cure. Then under the guidance of my lovely Ayeisha my life has completely changed.. I really couldn’t believe that all of these improvements happened only over three weeks with small little steps every day until I achieved healing using the principles of Sunnah Wellness

Mayada Abdelrahim

Ayishah is very experienced and knowledgeable therapist. Ayishah is one of the best therapists that I came across. Her knowledge about both psychology and Islamic healing is great. She has holistic approach to managing her patients. I’m very grateful to Allah that I came across her.I will remember you EnshAllah strongly in my Duaa Ayishah

I’m very very grateful to Allah that he put you in my path. Your sincerity, cleverness and ability to see beyond is inspiring MashAllah. May Allah increase you with abundance in your health, wealth, family and knowledge and May Allah reward you with the highest rank in Jannah yarab!

Fatima Eltoum

Ayishah you said everything I felt, but the amount of effort research you have put in to help yourself then others mashaa ALLAH to that and may ALLAH AZAWAJAL reward you immensely and yes ALLAH AZAWAJAL does put help our way if its meant to be as I purchased your book without knowing of your fb page and called you without watching your videos subhan ALLAH it was my Lord ALLAH AZAWAJAL who bought you My way through Google mashaa ALLAH which I do shukar for and make dua for you also x

Shameen Naqshbandi Iqbal

Thank you for yesterday's session which I found highly effective and powerful.

I am finding self discovery not only enlightening but very comforting as well. I think if I am able to work with and improve some of the weaknesses and diseases of the heart that accompanies my choleric temperament I am confident that I shall be able to reach new heights with my marriage, personal and professional relationships.

Sasta Ullaha

Ayishah Your ability to SEE is astounding. The way you help people see themselves. It's really special.I already know I won't find what you offer anywhere.In the end noting will match up. I just know. Your course has been so beneficial and life changing for me I've literally gone without food to do it :) When I made Hajj. I wrote in my Duas:

Ya Rabb there must be an easier way to eat. Show me it! I actually prayed ya Rabb show me a way to feed this man easier food.... I didn't know the answer would be sending me you. Clean eating is healing. Fasting is healing. I'm not there yet. But inshaAllah I'm on the road.

Summaya Ayub

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